Welcome to our Blog.  On this blog, we’ll include some posting and articles that we write about the sights of Fort Lauderdale.  What to see and what to do on our Ft Lauderdale Paddleboard Tours, as well as what to see and what to do during your Fort Lauderdale vacation.  We know paddleboarding and we know Fort Lauderdale.  We’ve lived here our entire lives and we know which places are awesome, which ones suck, what you need to check out and what you don’t.  Look forward to some neat, insider information on the ins and outs of Fort Lauderdale from some cool locals that know the area like the back of their hand.  First tip is to come on a paddleboard tour to check out the Venice of America (Fort Lauderdale) by water aboard the back of a paddleboard.   

Join us for a paddleboard rental and tour and let us show you why we are the best paddleboard rental company in all of south Florida.

Perhaps what sets our Paddleboard Company apart from any other Paddleboard company in Fort Lauderdale is our awesome location.  In a paddleboard you are mobile, but it’s difficult to cover large spans of distance on a paddleboard.  So you want to start your paddleboard embarkation point near to where all the action is.  You couldn’t be any closer to the heart of Fort Lauderdale than starting off your paddleboarding trip on the corner of Las Olas Blvd and southbound A1A. 

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